A Little to Say About Real World Flying

Real World Experience

Midwestern Helicopters is staffed by FAA Certified Flight Instructors with many hours of true "real world flying" experience. All of our CFI's have the benefit of a military training and varied operational backgrounds, and their experiences span the period from Vietnam, through the First Gulf War, the Balkan War, and the present.

Real World Flight Instructors

Our Chief Flight Instructor, for example, has been flying helicopters since 1966. His experience includes over 1200 hours of "Huey" time in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division (yes the same unit portrayed in "We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson). After 'Nam he taught military pilots for 2 years. In addition, his flight experience includes work as a traffic 'copter pilot over Chicago, Ag work, TV photo work, multimedia film work, long line sling load work, police work, animal control, night surveillance work, medical evacuation, etc...

Real World Safety

We distinguish intelligent and conservative flight instruction that will bring you and the aircraft safely home at the end of the day, from foolish, dangerous, and macho type flying that has the potential to increase your risk to accidents, potential FAA violations, numerous close calls and even injury or death. I encourage you to check the safety records of your instructors and owner/operators of flight instruction companies before you decide. At Midwestern Helicopter, we will train you to be a safe, competent, and proficient pilot able to exercise good judgment in the "real world."