How to Get Started

Most flight schools offer an "Introductory Helicopter Lesson."Currently at Midwestern Helicopter, we offer a ½ hour introductory flight to give you the feel of flying a helicopter." Call one of our instructors to make an appointment. We will show you our state of the art facilities, well-maintained aircraft, and give you a basic introduction to helicopter flight and awareness training for our Robinson Helicopters prior to your flight. Expect the entire visit with the flight to last about 2 hours. We are convinced that you will leave impressed with our professionalism, customer service, quality and integrity.

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What Type of Flight School Do We Have?

Other than the military, there are two other types of flight schools following closely related, but slightly different FAA rules in their operations: Part 141 and Part 61.

Part 141 schools are very formal and the instructors at the school follow a structured program. There is usually a formal ground school and the flying is controlled at every stage. Advantages are the structure and clear progression of the syllabus. Some disadvantages are the structure and a restricted flight environment.

Part 61 schools are more informal and the instructors are able to develop their own syllabus and individual lessons while offering one-on-one training. Midwestern Helicopter is a Part 61 flight school that offers advantages being able to customize training based on your progression, the flexibility to adjust training around your schedule, and allowing you to train where and when you can fly.

Minimum Flight Requirements

What Will It Cost?

The best way to determine the cost is to simply use the hourly rate for the helicopter and the hourly instructor cost and multiply that by the hours expected to fly. When looking at a school's program, you need to ask: Is the price being quoted a "national average" or is it FAA minimums?

There will be other incidental costs above and beyond the helicopter and instructor. These costs are books, supplies, medical exam, taxes, and testing fees. If the flight school is away from your current home, add in housing costs, food, and transportation.

You can find the rates we charge on our Rates Page.
All helicopter hourly rates can be discounted by 10% if you buy a block of time ahead of using it.

At Midwestern Helicopter we recognize that learning to fly and becoming a professional pilot can be expensive. We pledge that we will make you a safe, competent, proficient, and experienced pilot while respecting your time and staying conscious of your expenses.